Want to import qi fast wireless charger from factory directly? Here is guide.

Hi everyone,

So nice to meet you here!

The technology is amazing improved, and now we can enjoy charge our phone with wireless charger.
Nokia and Samsung are using qi wireless charging for years, and Apple iPhone just come up to build in the wireless charging in iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X, XS Max etc.

As a merchant, I know you for sure want to take a share of the big growing market!
That’s right! For sure you can. People always want to try new things, new technology, frankly speaking, the wireless charger is very convenient, no need to insert the boring cables.

Oh, somebody may said, it’s ok for me to connect the cable, it’s just a piece of cake, don’t take me much time! Really? Ok, I agree! But, Can you image how it will be when you are driving!? Let me know you can finish below operation safely when you are driving!

Yes, I agree it’s absolutely very very dangerous to connect usb car charger for your phone!

How about this?

Owesome!!! Is’t?

That’s right, people will all like it.  You start to sell, and clients will crazy buy.
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Ok, you want to learn more, may check below link for the car phone holder auto hold qi wireless charger, and also, for the IR auto sensing model.

So cool! But not only the car wireless charger, but the desk style is also popular!

Actually, many users will try start from the basic model, a 5w output wireless charger. With a best price at 0.88$US/PCS!!!

Yes, you are not see wrong info, this basic 5w model, with a fantasy good price, are selling crazy to users now.

The price is including the retail package!

Sure, if you want to offer your clients fast charger, we can produce for you. See a video with fast charging version in youtube:

Oh, buddy, you already started?

And the basic version already can’t meet your customer’s appetite?

No Worry, see left model? It’s a ultra thin fast wireless charger with aluminium alloy body, and colorful fabric face. Full compatible with iPhone 7.5w and Samsung 10w fast charging. Want to see video? Here is link in Youtube:

Oh friend, your customer said they want to watch a video when charging?

Oh, they also want to operate the phone when charging?

No Problem, the dual coil stand style qi wireless charger is the best friend!

Customer can vertical or horizontal put the phone on it to charge, have fun!

Oh, They want to wireless charging when they are outside?!

Sounds good!

 Friend, it’s your big chance coming now! You can offer them the wireless charger power bank!

Move to anywhere, just bring it together with, 10,000mAh, put and charge. So convenient, is’t?
View video here:

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