iphone xs max bring more sales to wireless car charger
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2018 New iPhone XS Max support faster wireless charging bring 200% business growth on wireless car charger market

iPhone XS MAX bring more sales to wireless car charger
iPhone XS and XS Max

iPhone XS, XS Max make Big improvement on wireless charging performance boost the wireless car charger market

Let’s see why the car wireless charger market boost while the new iPhone release. The new iPhone XS and XS Max have several improvements especially in hardware over to early models. A big one is that they can be wirelessly charged faster, and also this point gives users one more reason to ditch charging cables for a wireless charging pad. As a result, the wireless car charger selling volume boost a lot.

Not only the charging speed, iPhone XS Max also improved the heating performance. user can get a better experience from now on.

Car wireless charger is boosting for iphone x xs max

Beside the desk charging pad for home and office, Growing In Car wirelss charger Charging Will Be a Key Trend Driving Growth.

The growing in car wireless charger will be a key trend driving market growth. Smartphones are being used for wide range of applications. The APP ranging from GPS navigation to streaming music apps or playlists, along with looking up information on the browser. The constant sending or receiving data through smartphones drains the battery life. Consequently, several car manufacturers are adding power outlets such as USB ports and wireless charging docks.

But, if you need to head down to insert the cable or find the position, it will be very very dangerous for driving.

So, the market is boost for the one hand operation  mobile phone holder mount car wireless charger.

The auto phone holder car wireless charger is safe, convenient, fast charging, adapt to various phones with qi wireless charging stand.

You can start now to earn the bonus of the car wireless charger market share

First, below is a new coming phone holder wireless car charger. It have a IR senser which can auto open auto hold when a phone approach. Further more, it enable a very safe and convenient way for drivers to drive safely. Driver can charge their phone wirelessly any time and where just put.

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And besides the IR wireless car charger auto model, here also have another model which more cost effective, also auto hold enabled, but is by gravity mechanism, we name it “Gravity auto wireless car charger”, when your phone put, it hold, when you take the phone, it release.

click here to know more details of the gravity auto hold phone mount holder fast car wireless charger

CHEER FAN is a mobile phone charging OEM manufacturer factory

Cheer Fan is a OEM manufacturer of mobile charging, who dedicated on fast charging specially, provide user a better faster charging experience at this fast pace era, especially wireless car charger.

The product range are:

  1. home&travel charger; (PD, QC3.0)
  2. Car charger (PD, QC3.0)
  3. wireless charger (Desk style, holder, car wireless charger holder, IR auto)
  4. power bank (PD, qc3.0 fast charger and with wireless charging)
  5. usb data cable (PD type-c, Lightning, micro usb)

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